Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Would You Do?

There is a news show on ABC called "What would you do?" The show acts out scenarios of people doing questionable acts. The unsuspecting public are unaware they these people are actors and are being tested to see how they will react to these situations.

One episode really bothered me and got me very upset, to the point of having tears in my eyes. I'm not really sure why it bothered me so much but it did, so here is the scenario.

It started out with a well dressed woman walking down a busy street in Newark, NJ and she collapsed, and within 4 seconds people were there to assist her. Then they changed it to a homeless looking man with a beer can in his hand. No one helped the man. People actually had to walk around him to get by. Finally a real homeless lady came by and she was trying to get someone to call an ambulance. Twenty six people walked by before she convinced someone to call 911.

In April 2010 a real homeless man saved a woman from an attacker with a knife. The woman ran away and the homeless man was stabbed and layed there on the sidewalk bleeding. People just walked around him and went about there business. It took an hour before someone called 911 but it was too late the man bled to death.

People just do not want to get involved these days and it is really disturbing that they can't take a minute to make a phone call to save a persons life. It seems that people do not put any value on a homeless persons life. What has become of huamanity and morality. I know if you ask someone what would they do? They would tell you they would do the right thing, but would they really. Here is a video of the TV show and also of the one that really happened in New York where the man actually died.


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  2. That truly is a shame. The way that people seperate others into groups based on social class, race, religion or whatever else they can think of, have really been the cause of many of the problems in the world. When are we gonna realize that we are all human, nobody is better or worse than anyone else. It truly breaks my heart to see the way people would not help someone just because they were homeless. They are the ones in most need of help, but people like to pretend they don't exist. The homeless woman was a ray of hope through the dark clouds of the materialistic people of today. Because though her wealth is not made up of money, or material things like the others walking down the street, she is richer than all of them in her heart and soul. It just goes to show that what many people think will make them happy, will only disconnect them from the things that truly make us happy and fulfilled. To quote John Lennon, "All you need is Love". So try to show a little compassion and love to your fellow man. We are all the same and we all need help sometimes, don't be afraid to give it.

    Thanks for this, I hope this affects everyone else who sees it, the way it did to me.

  3. I also saw this show and it brought me to tears too. It's sad to think that human beings wouldn't lift a hand to help another person in trouble who happens to be "houseless."

    Often, people without houses... places to live... show time and time again, they have kind, compassionate hearts. And since those of us who live on the street and still sacrifice our safety to help someone in peril are truly not homeless. Why? Because home is where the heart is, and those who are rich and live in million dollar homes, and don't lift a finger to help a person in need are the real homeless. Because they are without a compassionate heart. And I believe if you keep on living in this selfish way, at some point you may end up in the person's shoes you walked past.

    Thank you for sharing this. Your readers would like to hear more from you. Miracles and Blessings!

  4. Thanks for sharing!