Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cheating at Online Poker

Online poker has become very popular the last few years. I have been playing online poker myself for a couple of years. I think I’m pretty good at it, but certainly no professional. One of the things that I have noticed is wins and losses goes in streaks. I have had very good nights, and I have had bad nights. That could be just coincidence just like playing your weekly games with the guys. Another thing I noticed is some very strange plays from opponents, for example say I have pocket aces and before the flop I make a very big raise and get called, then the flop comes two nines and a deuce come up, now I have two pair I go all in and again I get called. A three and a jack come on the turn and river but my opponents hole cards was a nine and a deuce which gives him a full house. anybody that knows anything about poker would not have played that hand with such a preflop raise. This sort of behavior happens a lot with online poker which sometimes you just have to wonder if it is possible they can see my cards. So that brings to the point of cheating.

After so many experiences of this happening I started searching the internet about cheating online poker and was amazed to find several software programs out there for cheaters. One way of cheating doesn’t have anything to do with software and is an old technique used in regular live poker games and that is called collusion.

Collusion is where you have 2 or more people at the table and signaling what they have and the best hand will stay in, so in online poker they can just be on the phone or an instant messenger to let their partners know what they have.

Now for the software that can be used, one is called bots. You have a program that will play just about play perfect poker for you, which takes away from playing a bad hand on a gut feeling. Another program claims it will show your opponents cards to you and even show you the cards that will be coming next before they are delt so you will know as soon as you get your cards if you have a winning hand or not.

Now I’m not sure that any or all of this has happened when I have been playing but just the fact that it is possible for people do these things makes me think twice about ever playing online poker again.

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