Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Should NYJ's Coach Sal Alosi Be Fired?

On December 12th 2010 the New York Jets were playing Miami Dolphins. During a punt return one of the Dolphins players (Nolan Carroll) was running full speed down the side line just out of bounds, when a NYJ coach (Sal Alosi) stuck his knee out and tripped the player. Sal Alosi has been suspended for the rest of the season without pay and fined 25,000 dollars, but is that enough? Or is it too harsh?

I would think that if the refs seen this happen he would have been ejected from the game and rightly so. I find this type of behavior from a coach despicable and disgusting. This goes beyond unsportsman like conduct, It was just plane dirty and in my oppinion criminal.

He did give a public apology and he himself said it was an inexcusable act. He said he used poor judgment and was not thinking. Well the fact that he could do something like that without thinking means that this sort of behavior comes naturally and really has to put thought in it to do the right thing. I expect much more from a coach, he is suppose to be a mentor and lead by example. Maybe i am being too hard on him thinking he should be fired just for one moment of instinctive bad judgement, but he really could have ruined that players career. Sometimes you really have to pay for those spurr of the moment decisions. I would be interested to hear if anyone agrees with the punishment he got or feels it was too much or not enough. Final score was Miami 10 NYJ 6. You can watch this ugly offense below.

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  1. After posting this blog the news released more information on this incident. There is some evidence that this was somewhat premeditated. The coach had told the players on the side line to make a wall and crowd the sideline. This is the way I understand the situation, a player can run out of bounds and come back in as long as he is not the first one to touch the ball and as long as he is out of bounds he cannot be blocked from his opponent. It is kind of a sneaky way to get down the field to make a tackle. So to counter this the coach instructed the players to crowd the sideline to give the player less room. I don't think the players on the sideline was in on the plan to trip the player so they should not be punished, I am not even sure the tripping was even planned but just took advantage of the opportunity when it came. So after this new development the coach is now suspended indefinetly and will probably be fired. I think he will be getting exactly what he deserves.