Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell

What is with people being against gays in the military? Are they afraid that they can,t fight as well as straight people? I personally don't care if someone is gay or not as long as they can do the job. We fight along side with allied militaries, which i believe all have openly gay personnel. We don't seem to mind as long as they are from another country. Maybe they think someone will peek at them in the shower, but really do they think that every gay person wants them, that would be like thinking every person of the opposite sex wants them. I think what it really comes down too is they are homophobic and have some issues of their own.

I think in this day and age anyone should be allowed to serve their country, men,women and gays. Besides if we started a draft that would be one less thing that people could use to try and get out of duty. Gays are already in the service, and it seems that as long as they don't let anyone know then it's fine, so how does being open about it change anything.

I served in the army in the 70s and i knew a couple of guys that i thought might be gay but i did'nt think too much about it they were good people and i trusted them to have my back,if we went to war. So we should just let them in and be done with it, there are much more important things to worry about in this country without wondering about what goes on in someones bedroom.


  1. Hi to All Who Read Here,
    I have many Personal thoughts and Feelings about this subject... I was a gay"NAVY Wife"
    if you will, for years...
    But MY mere existenvce left no mark, other than
    our friends both in NAVY and civilian, saw a gay
    "Long Term Relationship" to pattern after...
    We were Proud, Brave, Scared, and very Young.
    My point to bring up is as follows.

    Nearly No ONE I mention this story to, knows ANYTHING about it ! TOP GUN ! Not the movie
    but rather a great man's Career and Calling.
    Not a mistake, or lucky shot, a Fighter Pilot
    with Skills Exceeding ALL others...and gay...
    Problem? Yes there is was and may continue to be.

    If a Snyper SHOT his own foot REAPEATEDLY, it
    would pale in comparison to us Discharging our
    Top Trooper, out flying, out shooting, just
    for being..........OUT!! (story starts here)
    Thankyou for reading,
    Thankyou for blogging Mr. N.Cider,
    You are definitely one of The Few,The Proud,
    The Real Men left in this world.
    Thankyou most for your service, I appreciate you
    in ways beyond speaking.... Thecinnamonkid.
    (Story Below)

  2. TRACY THORNE-BEGLAND spoke at the DADT Protest and Memorial
    for Leonard Matlovich in Washington, DC the day before the
    National Equality March. He was only 25, but already a highly
    rated Navy Lieutenant and Top Gun when he stood next to the jet
    he had flown so often in May of 1992 and realized it was his
    last time. "I knew I was not going to fly again..."
    Six days later he outed himself on national television to
    fight the ban on openly gay service members, and within hours
    the Navy removed his call sign from the side of the plane.

    Like Matlovich did years before, Tracy Thorne was one of the
    few to ever volunteer to challenge the policy, and the first
    military officer. Though Governor Bill Clinton had yet to
    secure the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, efforts
    were already underway in congress to overturn the ban.
    Lieutenant Thorne and Navy Petty Officer Keith Meinhold came
    forward on the same day. The next spring, Tracy was one of
    several gay veterans on the five-week, 32-city cross-country
    bus "Tour of Duty" to drum up public support. He was only one
    of two against the ban, out of seventeen witnesses, who
    demagogue Senator Sam Nunn allowed to testify before a Senate
    Armed Services Committee hearing at Norfolk Naval Base, a process
    Thorne-Beglund aptly characterized as "Nunn's dog and pony show"
    where he was jeered by around one thousand sailors and marines.
    To wild applause and laughter, infamous racist Senator Strom
    Thurmond told him, "Your lifestyle is not normal. It's not normal
    for a man to want to be with a man, or a woman with a woman."
    Thurmond also asked if he had ever considered getting help from
    a medical or psychiatric standpoint. A court reinstated him after
    his pre-DADT discharge but, despite his exemplary record and the
    millions of dollars spent to train him, he was discharged again
    under DADT, the Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal.
    Lieutenant Tracy Thorne-Beglund, one more patriotic reason to
    support "Don't Ask, Don't Give" because we've waited long enough
    for promises to be kept. (Looking back at Strom Thurmond's nasty
    remarks in context with the later revelation he lived a lie for
    so many years about his out-of-wedlock biracial daughter really
    shows just how bankrupt conservatives are for their judgmental
    hypocritical stands on social issues).

    A special thank you to Sean Chapin for recording and producing
    the videos at the Leonard Matlovich memorial site.